Act out movie scenes with your friends.


How do we design a mobile app that allows people to act out their favorite movie scenes? Prime Division and ROLR teamed up to produce a creative video collaboration with friends.

A whole new experience in social video. Where interactions are scripted and personality is everything. ROLR is a creative video app where you act out your favorite movies with friends around the world. Every day the app features new movies, celebs and online personalities you can interact with.

Our work extended through every aspect of the final product, including UX / UI of the mobile app, identity design, marketing campaign design, video editing and motion graphics.








While designing the UI, we applied a beautiful dynamnic blur effect that enriched the entire browsing experience and presented the video content in a fresh new perspective.

Since the video was a square, we had to decide on a background color that would be neutral and would let the video content pop.
White, black and grey was not exciting enough for this for an entertainment related app like ROLR. We decided to create a dynamic blurred background that would derive from each video’s first frame colors. In a few steps we applied that first frame and blurred it to achieve the perfect blend UI blend.




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