Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

A 3D web experience

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

How do you design a 3D website and trailer, without making the user put 3D glasses on?
To build awareness for Silent Hill: Revelation, we have created an interactive experience that mimics three-dimensional space.

We worked closely with the majestic Hybrid Studio to capture the spirit of Silent Hill and reproduce the 3D horror in web environment. The keyart of the movie was a scene with prisoners reaching out of their cells. In order to bring that scene to live we shot a custom video where actors would perform this exact setting.




We collaborated closely with the wonderful Kare Studio to achieve the desired vision. The shooting process required us and the client to simultaneously meld together technical, functional and creative processes in response to requirements that were inevitably undergoing change as the launch date came closer. The result was a dark and twisted visualization that ties up perfectly with movie’s horrific theme.






Creating a trailer that looks 3D without using real 3D techniques was challenging.

To achieve this we worked closely with the skilful Pixel React. Together, we cropped elements from the video footage and placed them enlarged on top of the original video. This way we simulated extended depth of field. The video would go outside of video player’s frame and it would give the viewer a surprising and unexpected experience.




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