Empirion – GlitchMaster

A fun way to debug apps and games

Empirion - GlitchMaster

How do you design a debugging platform that is fun to use? We created a bold and iconic brand experience that is both useful and entertaining.

Prime Division was invited to design an intranet experience that allows Empirion’s QA team to easily debug mobile applications, games and other products. We created a rapidly-activated prototype that demonstrated our creative and technical vision, then elaborated on this concept over a short product development cycle. The final product resulted in a connected experience that told the QA team members stories using user-responsive animations.





In addition to the mobile application we were also engaged in the design of Empirion’s internal eco system called “Evolut.on”. An ecosystem, carefully based on detailed business and employee requirements — both senior management and front line employees were given a voice in the form and function of the end products. Our focus point was to create a UI that is highly functional but simple to use. The result was a fresh and extravagant interface that everybody in the company would be happy to use.





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