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How do we redesign a mobile donation platform that allows users to bring awareness on pressing local and global problems? We executed a fun, simple and social way to support your favorite charities.

dailyKARMA allows you to check out inspiring videos & photos, and then tap on your favorite images to donate in increments as small as 50 cents. It’s never been easier to support the causes you care about. Knowing that we needed a product experience with a straightforward donation solution, we ran a collaborative workshop with dailyKarma’s team to immerse ourselves in the product’s focus, as well as the needs of the supporters.



Donations made easy.

We refocused the design process away from heavy documented in favor of prioritizing the outcomes the team is achieving. With increased cross-functional collaboration, the conversation become less about what artifact is being created and more about what outcome is being achieved.

We focused on creating detailed user personas and focused on our core 3 use cases in order to build a simply amazing product.
Since this product had multiple types of users, it was important that we focused on these use cases.



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