Music discovery app that brings independent artists forward


How do you design a music app that stands out among many rivals? Prime Division and Eardish teamed up to create an app that makes it fun and engaging to upload, curate and listen to music.

The Eardish team approached us with the idea and asked if we could help them make it a reality. A partnership was quickly formed and we collaborated closely to bring the concept to life. Our work extended through every aspect of the final product, including the design of the brand ID, a clean UX and UI, and the development of a scalable server architecture that could easily process content upload, download, sharing, curating and streaming.





Prime Division also crafted the web and social media presence for Eardish. Built to be easily explored from any device.

Our goal was to revamp the current website without losing the functionality and innovate without losing its identity. The design feels authentic and impactful with primary focus on the brand. The feel is engaging and sleek. Intended to both complement and enhance the Eardish product.




Refreshing Eardish’s brand identity by broadening the brand’s appeal and owning their “Passion to Entertain” position was an exciting task for us.

One of our goals was to shift brand’s communication to reflect the change in their audience without losing core brand distinctions. Prime Division updated their identity based upon Eardish’s values of being candid and creative. The new look is rooted in brand’s signature purple and teal colors, but was expanded upon to bring more diversity to the identity.




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