Hit Me If You Can

A new social action game

Hit Me If You Can

How do you design a brand new social, location-based action game? Prime Division teamed up with Meshroom to create the ultimate artillery experience.

Developing a game from scratch is always a challenge. When we add elements like “location”, “social”, “turn-based” and “multiplayer” to the equation it becomes even more challenging. We had the pleasure to join forces with the super-talented architecture powerhouse Meshroom and push our capabilities to the limit.





Marketing the game was also our responsibility. Besides the attractive static ads we made, we have also shot a very eye-catchy video trailer and deployed it via social media.

Here is a small collection of the ads we used in the Facebook campaigns for Hit Me If You Can. Our goal was to create a rich variety of ad banners and properly target them towards the most appropriate audience for a game like this. This part was very challenging as there was no similar product on the market. Yet, we’ve managed to achieve very satisfying user acquisition results.



We shot the trailer with a slow-motion camera attached to a crane to achieve the best video quality possible.




A couple of majestic retouching techniques gave the footage a fresh and very appealing perspective.

Achieving an appealing ‘eye-candy’ effect is a must for almost any marketing campaign. The result was a magnificent visualization of explosive blue and pink paint splatters, representing what we call in the game “a direct hit”.




We also wanted to create a positive political buzz by illustrating some of world’s most famous leaders. The idea was to show them in a friendly, non-violent perspective and embrace the slogan “Make Friends, Not War”.

Later on, we discovered that this creative was actually much more appealing to people and we decided to use the political figures as our primary social media “right hook”.




Hit Me If You Can was probably the biggest and longest project that we have ever been involved in as we had to cover almost all the aspects for its creation. From ideation and conception to development and marketing – it has been an enriching and captivating experience both professionally and personally.




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