Prime Report

The 5 Hot!

Portable bluetooth speaker "AeroTwist" ; NASA's Visions of the Future; Human-centered design... and more!

The 5 Hot!

NASA releases new 3D Mars footage; Why designers should learn business instead of code; Mothballed launch sites and more!

The Future of Smart Glasses

They represent a clean break from the smartphone paradigm. A computer that sits on your nose has many benefits.

The 5 Hot!

The controversial Uber rebranding; New era in hybrid mobile development; A NASA Spacecraft propelled by light and more!

Uber’s Rebranding: The Good & The Bad

The familiar “U” logo is now replaced with a new icon that many users describe as unrecognizable. Uber promises that this rebranding will “transform its purpose and cement a new...

The 5 Hot!

Redesign concepts for popular sites; Canvas comes to Facebook; Drone Racing and more! Checkout the 5 things that excited us this week!

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